GIS for Geoscientists

GIS for Geoscientists: I designed this course in consultation with McGill’s SEG Chapter officers in June 2020. The goal of this course is to offer an accelerated yet beginner-friendly introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) that is both holistic and accessible to geoscientists. The course is offered in four parts, with each lecture building out fundamental GIS skills using QGIS 3.16 (Updated for Nov. 2021) supplemented by other open-source geospatial tools like Python and Google Earth Engine. If you are interested in having this course run at your institution, please reach out to me! I am happy to customize course content to suit different learning objectives.

See below for course learning outcomes:

I compiled all the course data, wrote the lectures, organized the logistics, and designed the activities. A detailed course guide is in preparation. All materials are available for distribution under and MIT License:

  1. McGill University (Montreal, Canada) Society for Economic Geology (SEG) Student Chapter. June/July 2020.
  2. University College London (London, UK) Department of Earth Sciences. August 2020.
  3. University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) Department of Earth Sciences. November 2020, November 2021, and November 2022. Delivered as lecture module in “Skill Series” module for 3rd year Earth Science undergraduates.
  4. Volcano Magmatic Studies Group (UK). November 2021. Delivered as free public workshop series by the Geological Society of London Sponsored interest group. Total attendance was over 400 people from 30+ countries! Announcement can be found here.

The GitHub home for this course, where all data, lectures, and resources are stored, can be accessed below!

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